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How the Episodic Packages work

Creator Package

Full Episode (Video)

After you’ve recorded your episode with a Rveal Virtual Producer (yes, you get your own Virtual Producer when you sign up for the monthly subscriptions), our team will edit the full episode video for you with all of your show branding implemented. This will allow you to share your podcast episode on YouTube.


Full Episode (Audio)

We also deliver you an audio-only version of that same episode. This one can be uploaded to any podcast syndication platform.


Thumbnails (YouTube and Podcast)

To make your episode visually appealing when your audience is scrolling through your show’s content, we create custom thumbnails for each episode.


Director Package

When you sign up for the Director Package, you not only get everything in the Creator Package, but you also get more resources that will help you scale your message through content marketing.


Show Notes

We write professionally formatted show notes for every episode which include a description of the episode, key takeaways, time-codes/chapters, noteworthy quotes, and a call-to-action section.


Micro Videos (4x)

We cut 4 micro videos from the full episode which are optimized for social media. Each micro video has a scroll-stopping headline, polished subtitles, and clear call to action at the end to invite your audience to subscribe/follow for more content.


Social Graphics (5x)

We create 5 social graphics which include an episode announcement graphic as well as 4 quote graphics pulled from the episode.


Social Captions

The copywriting for social content is just as important as the creative. That’s why our team helps craft clear, concise, and engaging social captions for each of your micro videos and social graphics.


Content Management

Who has time to manage and schedule all of that content?

Answer: We do

At the Director Package level, you’ll get a Content Manager added to your team who will schedule all of the content for you (full episodes included) so that you can just focus on running your business.

CMO Package

At the CMO level, consider virtually all of your digital marketing needs to be taken care of. On top of full episodes and content marketing, you’ll also get your content amplified through paid media.


Full Transcriptions

For every interview-based episode that you do, our team will fully transcribe your episode for episode blog posts on your website.


Article (up to 1,500 words)

For every narrative-based episode, we take it up a whole other notch. We’ll write an article (up to 1,500 words) per episode, ensuring that the content is optimized for search queries on Google.


PDF (up to 10-pages)

One of our graphic designers will create a 10-page PDF out of each narrative-based episode you produce, which will be used to capture emails on your website and in social media ad campaigns.


Social Ad Campaigns

We will run monthly 3-tier ad campaigns using content generated from your show in order to get your content in front of your ideal customers and to nurture them to make a buying decision.

  • Top of Funnel - Video views
  • Middle of Funnel - Download PDF or register for webinar
  • Bottom of Funnel - Schedule a demo/call

*CMO-tier includes $1,000/mo ad spend for testing purposes


Content Mapping

We’ll have a lead strategist help you map out what your episodes should be per season based on ideal thought leaders you should invite on your show, white-space topics that would help your show’s SEO, and topics that would be helpful for your sales team to close more deals.


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